I Am Tri Delta: Karolyn Fendley Stayer
Trident | April 18, 2016

In this series of articles, we feature some of the members who make up our amazing sisterhood. They all come from different backgrounds and have different passions and talents, but they all share one commonality: They are Tri Delta.

When Karolyn Fendley Stayer, Northern Arizona, was a child, her nana used to end every phone call and kiss goodnight by saying “be good.” After Karolyn had her own two children, she found herself saying “be good” to them and smiling whenever she heard other parents say the same. So when it came time to name her personal care line for children, the name Be Good just fit.

The idea for Be Good came from a special time in the Stayer household — bath time.

“When I was working full-time and getting home late, this was often our reunion moment,” Karolyn explains. “Now that my kids are older, they still LOVE the bath, and I just loved the idea of surrounding this beautiful childhood ritual with products that were clean and safe and that could help teach children about good behavior and good grooming.”

Realizing that there were few personal care options for children that had moved past the “baby” stage, Karolyn was inspired to change that — and Be Good was born.

Karolyn took her decade of experience in brand development, marketing, communications and public relations at Philosophy and channeled it into creating her own product line. She admits she has always had “an entrepreneurial spirit” and has always dreamed of owning her own company.

Be Good products are made from natural ingredients, and Karolyn’s goal was to create formulas that are pure and safe for children of all ages. But Be Good is about more than just providing natural bath products for children — the brand is also about inspiring good conversations and good actions that help make a difference in the world.

“My children’s long-term success and happiness will not be determined by the grades they get in school or how they perform in sports or any other activity they decide they want to pursue,” says Karolyn. “Yes, these are important, but at their core they need to feel good about themselves, make a difference in the lives of the people they love, within their communities, and have kindness and love in their heart that they openly express on a daily basis…I wholeheartedly believe how you treat yourself and how you treat others will get you further in life than anything else.”

Karolyn believes part of the idea of being good is doing good, and she illustrates that sentiment by donating 10 percent of her net proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She also says she always loved the idea of being a part of something bigger than herself. That was what initially attracted her to Greek life and to Tri Delta.

“As I went through recruitment, I found Tri Delta’s ideal seemed to be a perfect match with mine,” Karolyn says. “However, I had no idea at the time how very important this decision would be in my journey as a young adult, a professional, a mother. Not only has Tri Delta provided me lifelong friendships, but it has also nurtured my character every step of the way. For me, Tri Delta has been a gift that continually gives. Through Tri Delta I have learned patience, leadership, vision, understanding, navigating through adversity, conflict management, building and unifying teams, personal education and wellbeing, and most importantly steadfast love and acceptance.”

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