Life Loyal Member: Melanie
Foundation | June 1, 2016

For Melanie Martin, Idaho, Tri Delta means feeling empowered.

“Tri Delta, in all facets, is an organization that strives to empower women to be their best in thought, word, and deed,” she says. “Every day I want to challenge myself to strive to instill confidence in all of the women with whom I have had the opportunity to interact.”

After graduating from the University of Idaho with a degree in exercise science and health, Melanie began traveling as a chapter development consultant in the fall of 2014. She returned for another year of travel in 2015 as a senior chapter development consultant.

Not only have her travels have helped her discover more about herself and her passions, but also how her personal Tri Delta experience can influence both current and future members.

Melanie says that Tri Delta opened her eyes to the impact that one person can have on an individual or a group, and that the Life Loyal Program can provide all Tri Delta members with a way to have that same impact.

“By supporting the Foundation as a Life Loyal donor, we are able to provide our newest members to experience the positive impacts that our organization can provide,” says Melanie. “Through giving to the Life Loyal program we can provide a new generation with the opportunities to live, learn and lead as strong, independent women through their Tri Delta membership.”

To learn more about Life Loyal membership call (855) 713-0655 or visit


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