Life Loyal Member: Dolly
Foundation, Sisterhood | July 30, 2016

Life Loyal Member
Dolly Rairigh Glass, Florida
Current Volunteer Role
Collegiate Chapter Coordinator —  Emerging Chapters
Leadership Strength

Dependable is one word that describes Dolly Rairigh Glass, Florida. “This describes my dedication to lifetime membership and saying yes to Tri Delta in a variety of ways,” she says. “It exemplifies unselfish leadership and assisting our members — my sisters — in every possible way. Tri Delta has supported me and I want to pay it forward, so ‘in every undertaking,’ I am true to my word. If I say I will do it, I do, and I strive for excellence each time.”

It was through her Tri Delta volunteer experiences that Dolly says she achieved much of her personal and professional growth. Professionally, she serves as a director of communications, but she also finds time to serve Tri Delta as collegiate chapter coordinator for emerging chapters.

She also credits Tri Delta for providing her with “an amazing group of friends that range in age, interests and careers, and with that group, comes a wonderful support system for whatever comes my way, whether that is chosen or by chance.

As for lifetime membership, Dolly says, “Every one of our members is given the same opportunity for lifelong membership upon joining…For me, lifelong membership means lifelong learning, lifelong friendship, lifelong commitment.”

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