Life Loyal Member: Lenora
Foundation, Sisterhood | December 14, 2016

Life Loyal Member
Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati
Current Volunteer Positions
Chair, Inclusion Task Force & Extension
Go Team Committee Member
Leadership Strength

If there is one word that describes Lenora Oeters, Cincinnati, it’s altruistic: “As Tri Deltas we are called to live out the values of unselfish leadership and self-sacrifice,” she says. “Thanks to the sisters, friends and mentors I have met through Tri Delta I feel compelled to be altruistic and give back in my service to the Fraternity. It is my goal that through my service to Tri Delta I can create a space and a place where women feel accepted and able to be their true selves. I want to create a Tri Delta where each woman fulfills her highest potential and feels confident in celebrating her unique self.”

Lenora says that Tri Delta provided her with a place to explore who she was as a person while being in a loving and supportive community of women. Her hope, as a Life Loyal Tri Delta, is to give back to Tri Delta to sustain this community of support for future sisters.

“It is so important that as lifelong members, we as Tri Deltas continue to give back through serving our Fraternity and her members,” she says. “It is through this self-sacrifice that we not only better the future of our Fraternity and her members, but also feel a sense of true reward as individuals.”

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