Life Loyal Spotlight: Andrea
Foundation, Sisterhood | June 23, 2017

Life Loyal Member
Andrea McGinley Taylor, Texas/Arlington

Professional Engineer
Alumnae Chapter President

Leadership Strength

Andrea McGinley Taylor, Texas/Arlington, is passionate about being a Tri Delta member and dedicated to serving the community and her Tri Delta sisters.

“After having the honor of attending the St. Jude Leadership Weekend a couple of years ago, it was eye opening to meet collegiate and alumnae members from across the country that were passionate about Tri Delta and St. Jude,” she says. “To have an immediate connection/common ground with those who live thousands of miles away is something I would have never imagined I could be a part of.”

Outside of serving as alumnae chapter president and volunteering in the Arlington, Texas, community, Andrea is also dedicated to her work as an engineer. Shortly after completing her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, she joined an engineering firm. She went on to earn her master’s degree, and today, she helps develop residential subdivisions across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The one thing Andrea says she has most gained from her Tri Delta membership is connection. For that reason, she says, “To be a lifelong member to me means living out our Purpose, creating that perpetual bond of friendship.”

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