Life Loyal Spotlight: Kim Dowd
Foundation, Sisterhood | December 1, 2017

Life Loyal Member

Kim Littlefield Dowd, Arizona State

Volunteer Position

Ritual Committee Chair

Leadership Strength


If there is one word that describes Kim Littlefield Dowd, Arizona State, it’s “faithful.” Faithful to the vow she took when she joined Tri Delta, Kim strives to be the best version of herself, to be considerate of others and to practice kindness, unselfishness, courtesy and generosity.

She credits her experiences as a chapter officer, field consultant and Fraternity volunteer with developing and sharpening her interpersonal and leadership skills. “I grew in confidence and integrity, and I became a stronger leader, communicator and negotiator,” she says.

Today, Kim continues to support Tri Delta and give back to our sisterhood — as a dedicated volunteer and as a steadfast Life Loyal Tri Delta.

“Tri Delta membership truly is lifelong, and we have a responsibility to continue to support the Fraternity beyond our collegiate experience,” says Kim.

“Tri Delta has meant different things to me at different points in my lifetime, but the virtues we embrace and the vows we take are timeless. Our perpetual bonds of friendship and steadfast love, service, and sacrifice are everlasting.”


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