Life Loyal Spotlight: Rebecca Jarrett
Foundation, Sisterhood | August 23, 2018

This year, Rebecca Jarrett, Brenau, will start a new chapter in her life after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English. As part of the 2018 Urban Teachers, she will teach English while earning her Master of Science in Education.

For Rebecca, being able to step into this new role is largely thanks to the development Tri Delta provided her as a member.

“Tri Delta taught me to become a more capable and diplomatic leader, pulled me out of my shell, and gave me the resources to become a better person. I have truly tried to guide my life by the Purpose, and I think that, for the most part, I have been successful.”

As she looks to her life after graduation, Rebecca also looks forward to the next step in her lifetime membership in Tri Delta.

“I am excited to begin my journey as an alumna member, and to give back to the organization that has given me so much,” says Rebecca. “Being a lifelong member of Tri Delta means that I will always have a support system of sisters, and I will always be a part of their support systems. It means that I will continue to embrace the values of Tri Delta in order to be the best version of myself and to make the world a better place to the best of my ability.”

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