Love Yourself with #NoFilter
BodyImage3D | July 31, 2017

Social media has become a part of everyday life for most people. We scroll, double tap and retweet all day. It’s all fun and games until the content in front of you begins to take a toll on you emotionally. We love social media at Tri Delta – it makes it easy to stay up to date with trends, connects you with long lost sisters and allows chapters to show off their unique personalities and accomplishments! But sometimes the good is overshadowed by the bad.


Social media is impacting individuals’ self-esteem and body image. With social platforms like Instagram, individuals are constantly comparing themselves to others, striving to fix blemishes and editing their photos until they’re flawless.

Once a perception, social media has now become some people’s reality. But this reality is far from realistic. We flood our social media feeds with images, videos and messages that set a standard that is unrealistic for anyone to reach.

We’ve categorized three different social media trends, and how to combat these unrealistic perceptions:

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Pinterest is great…well at least we think so! This social network helps us find great ideas for the perfect recruitment banner, perfect outfit, perfect future home and perfect wedding.

Although it may look perfect, “being perfect” doesn’t exist. Instead, realize that you are the closest to “perfect” when you can fully love and accept yourself for who you are. That is perfect because that is YOU!

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No Filter
Do you ever look at someone’s Instagram feed and think… “Wow! They have the best life!” Well you’re not alone. According to a recent article from CNN, 27 percent of people feel stressed about f8cdc04501db658067621a95a42a02fdhow they look in posted photos.

Rather than compare yourself to someone else’s carefully curated Instagram feed, write a few positive things down that describe the best that is in you. Post sticky notes to your bathroom mirror, so when you look in the mirror you are reminded of your worth and beauty – that you are a unique and valuable part of a connected whole.

Sometimes social media makes us push ourselves to achieve unattainable goals. For instance, when your best friend retweets a picture of a girl at the beach with the hashtag #goals.

Instead, make it a point to follow inspiring/motivational accounts on social media, and get in the habit of unfollowing those that don’t have a positive impact on you.

As social media continues to become a more prevalent part of our everyday lives, we need to be more aware of these unattainable goals that we are constantly trying to achieve.


3 for You: Ultimately Creating Good

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