The Tri Delta Member Experience
Education, Sisterhood | July 20, 2018

Ensuring that our chapters receive comprehensive educational programming and resources is one way Tri Delta strives to provide a meaningful and memorable lifetime membership experience, from the new member period onward. The following are a few of the programs designed to help our members live, learn and lead…with Purpose for a lifetime.

New Member Education

In fall 2016, all Tri Delta collegiate chapters will implement the recently revamped New Member Education Program. The New Member Education Program is a cornerstone of Tri Delta’s comprehensive member development program. It provides new members with a closer understanding of the pledge they’ve made to Tri Delta, the values of Tri Delta and what it means to live out those values.

Not Anymore

As part of the New Member Education Program, all new members will participate in the Not Anymore program, an online educational program that features modules on consent, sexual assault, dating violence, bystander behavior and healthy relationships. It includes instructed education, scripted scenarios, campus interviews and personal testimonials customized for Tri Delta.


Our body image initiative has evolved to take a three-dimensional approach to body image and self-esteem. The new BodyImage3D Program allows members to reflect on how they feel about the way they look (body), the way they think (mind) and who they are (spirit). Together, members learn to silence their inner critics, to treat their bodies with care and, above all, to love themselves. When our members embrace their most confident and authentic selves, they can then impact their chapters, communities and the world.

Senior Seminar

Currently in its second year as a pilot program, Senior Seminar, will be offered to 60 collegiate chapters in 2018. Senior Seminar provides three different opportunities for their members to be empowered, get prepared and feel connected by the end of their collegiate experience.

  1. Through our partnership with the American Association of University Women (AAUW), we will be offering the AAUW Start Smart salary negotiation workshops. This two-hour workshop is designed to empower women with the skills and confidence to successfully negotiate their salary and benefits packages.
  2. Members will also have the opportunity to learn about resume building, effective networking, crucial conversations and interviewing skills through our online and on-demand programming.
  3. And finally, pilot chapters will be connected with alumnae members who have similar career and professional interests for informational interviews.



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