New Year, New You! Right?
News | February 1, 2019

New year, new you! Right?…or maybe not. 

If your Instagram feed was anything like ours, it was flooded with talk of losing weight and becoming a new person in 2019. We already like you just the way you are. How about we strive for more than weight loss this year? 

Here are a few New Year goals you can borrow to have a fulfilling and exciting 2019: 

Strive for wellness.

It is so much more than weight loss. It’s encouraging your physical body and your mental health to both feel good for you. Striving for wellness also means that you define what these two things mean for you, and only you – without comparison to others.

Be present.

Want to feel an immediate release of anxiety? Take 1-3 deep breaths and emerge fully present. Being fully present means you are so engulfed in that moment, you don’t have time

Something new.

We grow when we get out of our comfort zone. Is there a new class you want to take but have been holding back? A new cuisine you want to try? A new person you want to friend? Go for it! Trying new things is a fantastic way to feel great in the New Year! 




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