National Hazing Prevention Week
Education, News | September 23, 2019

This week is National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW)! National Hazing Prevention Week is organized by (HPO), whose goal is to raise awareness about hazing, educate others about hazing and promote the prevention of hazing.

Tri Delta is dedicated to helping women become the best versions of themselves by embracing our ideals and values. We believe in creating a member experience rooted in kindness and honoring the vision of our Founders by upholding our commitment to being kind alike to all. As a Platinum Level sponsor of (HPO), the Fraternity is proud to support NHPW.

As Tri Deltas, we must take bold steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our members and preserve a culture of kindness. Educating yourself and your sisters is an important step toward eliminating all hazing from the fraternal experience. To assist chapters in discussing this topic, Tri Delta has created peer-led modules to help members engage in meaningful conversations about hazing, the effects of hazing and how we as Tri Deltas can prevent it. To view our Resource Library (Member Development > Hazing Prevention Resources).

You can join our efforts for NHPW by:

• Utilizing our new resource, Our Kind of Kind Does Not Haze, to promote dialogue and encourage action on hazing prevention.
• Sharing this graphic on social media to show your support of NHPW.
• Deconstructing chapter traditions that are not connected to our Purpose.
• Intervening if you become aware of hazing activities occurring in your chapter or community.
• Starting the discussion with your chapter and campus community about hazing.
• Being considerate of others, demonstrating dignity, and respect and assisting members in every possible way.

Tri Delta believes the safety and well-being of our members is everyone’s responsibility. Together we are one of a kind, and stronger than we could ever be alone. Let’s join together and make hazing prevention and risk reduction an everyday activity – not just one week out of the year.


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