Sisterhood | July 3, 2018

Our founder, Sarah Ida Shaw, had a vision for a society that would be kind alike to all…a sisterhood that would value a woman’s inner character over her personal appearance or circumstance.

To Tri Deltas, kindness has deep roots in our Ritual. It is one of the nine virtues that we are called to aspire to, and it is the common thread that weaves our ideals together. Truth, self-sacrifice and friendship are rooted in kindness.

As Tri Deltas our Purpose calls us to live, learn and lead, which requires us to be brave, bold and kind. These phrases have come to define us and let the world know who we are and what we do.

As we look at the current climate in the world – as well as on our college campuses – the persistence of hazing, the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, the need for greater inclusion, and growing anti-Greek sentiment – it is clear that kindness could change everything.

And our collegians agree. At February’s Collegiate Leadership Conference, our collegiate leaders championed Tri Delta’s renewed commitment to kindness by embracing the mantra Live Kind. Lead Kind. By focusing on kindness in our philosophy, philanthropy, programs and policies, we believe Tri Delta can become a catalyst for change on our campuses, in our communities and in the world.

Now we have partnered with Women Rising, an award-winning production company with the mission of creating content and experiences to empower women and girls. Women Rising CEO Sara Hirsh Bordo, Texas Christian, wrote and directed Tri Delta’s story of kindness in a new and powerful way.

Take a look at “Our Kind of Kind.”

We believe our kind of kind is powerful. It is more powerful than hazing and sexual assault. It is the very essence of inclusion. And it will defeat anti-Greek sentiment.

For kindness to prevail it will take all of us…brave and bold women who have learned how to live and lead with Purpose.

Kindness has been woven into the fabric of Tri Delta since our founding.

It is part of who we are and NOW, more than ever, it’s how we’re being asked to show up in the world. And Sarah Ida Shaw knew it all along.

If YOU had the chance to write a letter to Sarah Ida Shaw, what would you say? What would you tell her about Tri Delta Today? What would you ask her? 

Well now you have your chance!  Go to social media — #LetterToSarah or email Sarah and tell her about our kind of kind.

And then go tell others. Why? Because kindness only works when it’s shared.  Widely. And generously. Without expectation.

Share the video. Share your story. Share our sisterhood.

We came to join. The world is asking us to lead. Let’s show them our kind of kind.



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