Sisters Take On Google Headquarters
Leadership | February 1, 2017

On Jan. 18, two of Tri Delta’s collegiate members, Lauren Hampton, Colorado, and Simrin Kacker, California/Santa Barbara, had the incredible opportunity to spend the day at Google Headquarters (Googleplex) in Mountain View, California.

Much of Simrin and Lauren’s time was focused on participation in a Google Creative Skills for Innovation (CSI) Lab, one of Google’s most highly-rated internal workshops. This experience was offered as a result of Tri Delta’s deep-seated partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “We are so lucky to have a partner like St. Jude who values our opinions,” shared Simrin. In addition to ALSAC/St. Jude inviting two Tri Delta members, other ALSAC collegiate partners were invited from campuses across the country with varying backgrounds and experiences.

The first half of their day was dedicated to identifying real-world problems faced by St. Jude, and the second half of the day was spent brainstorming radical solutions and user-centered prototypes in teams. “We learned about and participated in ‘design thinking,’ a process used by Google to remain innovative in their thinking and development,” shared Simrin. “As continuing education chairman, I really appreciated learning this process and look forward to using it to help create new solutions within my own chapter too.”

The two also had the chance to tour the Google campus, visit the Google store and eat in the Googleplex cafeteria. Simrin reflected on the tour, sharing, “It was so interesting to see the Google campus, although we weren’t allowed in the restricted areas. We ate lunch in Charlie’s Café where the Google team hosts weekly meetings with all staff and company executives. It was so cool to spend time in that space!”

Simrin added, “I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have come out of Tri Delta. This experience gave me new connections for networking, and ideas for a new way of thinking and finding success in my future career.”

Learn more about design thinking and why it’s good for strategy development. Try implementing these concepts in your chapter, business or local organization, and send us your success stories!


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