Introducing the "New" New Member Education Program
Education | June 14, 2016

In its continual efforts to live out the Purpose of Delta Delta Delta, the Fraternity is committed to “assisting its members in every possible way.” Providing relevant and intentional programs and resources to chapters and individual members is just one of the ways the organization strives to uphold our Purpose.

Tri Delta is excited to introduce our collegiate chapters to a revamped New Member Education Program! The New Member Education Program is a cornerstone of Tri Delta’s comprehensive member development program, designed to teach our members to live, learn and lead…with Purpose.

Focused on the Ritual, values and Purpose of Tri Delta, this revamped program fosters a commitment to values congruence, lifelong learning and integrates new members into our steadfast sisterhood. This initiative will enable new members to make healthy decisions, lead with integrity and identify ways to leave their legacy in Tri Delta.

The lessons are broken up into 10 different modules — facilitated over the course of eight weeks — which incorporate the themes of living, learning and leading. The modules teach new members what it looks like to live as Tri Delta women and provide training on important topics that are especially relevant to today’s collegiate woman.

As part of the New Member Education Program, all new members will participate in the Not Anymore program, an online educational program that features modules on consent, sexual assault, dating violence, bystander behavior and healthy relationships. It includes instructed education, scripted scenarios, campus interviews and personal testimonials customized for Tri Delta.

The member-led program encourages peer-to-peer learning, self-reflection and personal growth. In addition to regular new member meetings, all new members will attend small weekly meetings in groups of 10, allowing them a more intimate experience in which to better build community and bond with their sisters. Upperclassmen in the chapter will serve as small group leaders, and the small group lessons will complement each week’s module.

New members will be provided with a journal that they will use to document their own thoughts on each topic covered after each lesson, including how Tri Delta’s values align with their own and what it means to live out our Purpose.

The final module, Ritual Reflection, will be offered after Initiation to give members the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about our Ritual, how it impacts the membership experience, and how members of Tri Delta can put our Ritual into practice in all areas of their life.

Tri Delta is excited to honor our Founders’ vision of creating a women’s fraternity that would inspire the ideals of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship. Our “new” new member education program keeps those values and vision alive today.

New Member Educators

Our chapter officers, especially the new member educators, are a new members’ first impression of what it’s like to be brave, bold and kind Tri Delta, who is committed to becoming something bigger then oneself. New member educators are encouraged to utilize the resources provided in their Officer Toolkit on My Tri Delta to create a strong foundation for Tri Delta new members.

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