The Office Seeks the Woman
Leadership | November 9, 2015

Tri Delta’s Leadership Development Committee (LDC) is responsible for evaluating and cultivating Fraternity leaders for service in elected and appointed positions including the slates for the Executive Board, National House Corporation Board, Foundation Board of Trustees and the succeeding LDC. Ultimately the LDC’s main goal is to help all Tri Delta women grow as leaders.

While collegiate leadership positions are traditionally filled through sisters nominating other sisters to fulfill certain roles within the chapter, the LDC encourages Tri Deltas to identify their competency strengths and nominate themselves. One of the goals of the LDC is to demystify a long-favored philosophy of “the office seeks the woman” and demonstrate what it can look like to articulate your personal value proposition in a clear, confident and humble way.

As such, the LDC encourages self-nominations – with the same humility that Tri Delta values, but in a way that women can express to us that they are open to leadership or service opportunities. Since there are just 11 (eight alumna members, two collegiate members and a chair) on the LDC, and Tri Delta has hundreds of thousands of members, we may not hear about women who are truly fantastic otherwise.

The LDC wants to encourage, more than ever, women to raise their hands and say something like, “I feel like I really [do this] well, and I’d love to use my skills to serve Tri Delta.” The office is still seeking the woman, if you will, but the woman is making herself known so she can be sought in the first place.


The Tri Delta Member Experience

Tri Delta is boldly leading the way – and often setting the standard – on important topics such as the gender pay gap, body image, mental health and consent through the programs and initiatives we offer our members.


Dolphin Tank and Delta Demos

Tri Delta’s Collegiate Leadership Conference 2020 will feature two opportunities to highlight the creative successes of our collegiate chapters: Delta Demos and Dolphin Tank