The Tri Delta Member Experience
Education, Leadership | October 16, 2019

Tri Delta is boldly leading the way – and often setting the standard – on essential topics such as: the gender pay gap, body image, mental health and consent. The Tri Delta member experience is vital to the development of our members from the new member period to life after college. Every program is carefully created and implemented to assist our members in every possible way as they develop into the best versions of themselves.


The New Member Education Program is designed to build a strong foundation for new members as they begin their lifelong journey in Tri Delta. The New Member Education Program is a cornerstone of Tri Delta’s comprehensive member development program. Each section of the program focuses on the values, virtues and principles found in Tri Delta’s Ritual and Purpose that all members should aspire to in their daily lives, including kindness, friendship, personal responsibility and unselfish leadership. The refreshed program offers opportunities for new members to develop a sense of belonging, create meaningful friendships and connect to Tri Delta.


Not Anymore is an online educational program that features modules on critical topics including consent, sexual assault, dating violence, bystander intervention and healthy relationships. It includes instructed education, scripted scenarios, campus interviews and personal testimonials from Tri Deltas. New members will participate in the Not Anymore program as part of the New Member Education Program. This critical education, as well as a list of resources for survivors in each chapter’s community, is available to all Tri Delta members through the Not Anymore portal. Tri Delta has also developed an implementation guide and six peer-led modules to help members continue the conversation on sexual assault in their chapters. These supplemental resources are found in the Resource Library > Member Development > Not Anymore.


Thanks to funding from the Tri Delta Foundation, we are proud to partner with Human Power Project to provide its nationally recognized mental health curriculum, Behind Happy Faces. The program uses educational videos featuring Tri Delta members and engaging peer-led lesson plans to:

  • Introduce a new perspective that emphasizes the need to take care of our mental health, much like our physical health
  • Teach members how to approach a friend or sister who is struggling with her mental health
  • Provide members with the tools and resources to refer a friend to a mental health professional
  • Reduce the stigma around seeking help for mental health challenges

There are six lesson plans included in the curriculum which cover a variety of topics including on how to talk to a sister about mental health, understanding your own mental health, self-compassion and identifying warning signs of suicide. Chapters are expected to implement one lesson plan each semester. Click here to visit the Behind Happy Faces website to learn more.


Our body image initiative has evolved to include a three-dimensional approach to holistic growth in body, mind and spirit. The program, focused on the participant’s personal journey, will allow members the opportunity to identify ways to be brave, bold and kind in an ever-changing landscape. During this program, participants will define the term inner critic, identify strategies to befriend their inner critic, create authentic connections with peers and discuss ways to practice self-kindness. In order to implement a greater focus on the personal journey, participants will leave with a personal action plan.


This fall, Tri Delta introduced all chapters to the Life After College Series, designed to launch our members from college to career by providing tools and resources to confidently navigate this exciting, but often stressful transition. The Life After College Series helps members build confidence and consider the skills, experiences and strengths they possess as they transition to life after college. The series has four major components: On-demand professional development, the AAUW Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop, career connections and informational interviews on CONNECTDDD, and the Life After College, Explained instructional guide.

Through the Tri Delta member experience, collegiate members will develop confidence, seek knowledge and become the best versions of themselves. Our educational initiatives aim to launch women in their personal and professional endeavors and provide all Tri Deltas with opportunities and resources to develop their leadership skills. Using Tri Delta’s Growth and Development Philosophy, our collegiate programs provide a comprehensive undergraduate member experience with a focus on self-development and growth and our core values of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship.



Tri Delta is proud to introduce, an easy-to-use, online platform that offers dynamic learning and development opportunities.


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