Tri Delta's Visual Identity
News, Sisterhood | July 29, 2016

Dear Tri Delta Sisters,

It’s my honor and privilege to bring to you Tri Delta’s new brand identity! It’s an exciting time to be a Tri Delta – dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead with Purpose.

The new brand identity is the product of a year-long process initiated by the Executive Board and guided by Tri Delta’s Brand Innovation Team. Throughout this journey we worked with branding experts at Social Capital Partnerships. Social Capital provided expert guidance and partnered with branding firm Holland-Mark to reinvigorate Tri Delta’s brand.

Our goal was to determine what sets us apart as an organization created BY women, FOR women, keeping in mind that we must be simple, yet compelling in our brand identity. Tri Delta’s brand isn’t just a new logo. Tri Delta’s brand is who we are and what we stand for. Our brand reaches 127 years into our past and looks to the exciting future of our sisterhood.

In order to discover Tri Delta today, we had to engage. We had to engage in conversations with Tri Deltas of all ages, stages and phases of life. We spoke to our members, our stakeholders, higher education professionals and our devoted campus partners.

Our research and insight gathering was enlightening and empowering. We confirmed the common themes that define the Tri Delta experience: friendship, confidence, unselfish leadership and opportunities for strong women. These themes continue to affirm that Tri Delta and our values are timeless.

We took those values into consideration as we refined our brand and identity for today and tomorrow. We took classic symbols, colors and imagery and modernized them, creating a fresh new look. Every time you see our Tricon, you may see something different. Just like every Tri Delta experience is distinct and cherished, our brand iconography reflects that.

Tri Delta’s new brand represents an opportunity to reintroduce our organization to our members, our campus communities and the world! Utilize this resource as a guide to ensure that our new brand identity is used properly according to our guidelines designed to ensure consistency. To access our new logo and other Tri Delta brand resources, log in to My Tri Delta and click on Resources.

YOU are the special part of Tri Delta and our brand, YOU are a brand ambassador. Thank you for taking special care with our brand, as we spread Tri Delta’s considerable influence abroad.

With Delta Love,



Karen Hughes White, Georgia
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Please take advantage of the Facebook cover photo and profile picture available in our Member Resources on My Tri Delta!


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Who are we? We are BRAVE, BOLD and KIND. We are passionate about serving others, committed to becoming the best versions of ourselves and dedicated to helping women live, learn and lead - with Purpose - for a lifetime. We are sisters woven together by our individuality of spirit, heart and mind....