Tri Delta Challenges You to Create-A-Pepper
Philanthropy | September 3, 2015

This September join us in celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Back in 2002, seven Chili’s located in Memphis area raised $14,000 by coloring peppers. In 2004 Chili’s and St. Jude announced their national partnership. As the years went on, the Create-A-Pepper campaign grew an audience and attracted people from around the country. This campaign has raised over $54 million in the past 10 years!

This year, Chili’s has decided to spice things up with their social media campaign #CreateAPepper. Here’s the challenge:

  1. Grab a camera and grab a sister.
  2. Print out a Create-A-Pepper coloring sheet.
  3. Find crayons or markers.
  4. Start the video.
  5. State your name and chapter for the camera.
  6. Close your eyes.
  7. Color your pepper.
  8. Open your eyes to see the masterpiece and show it off to the camera!
  9. Challenge your friends, family and other Tri Delta sisters to color their own or make a donation.
  10. Upload your video to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook with #CreateAPepper!

We want everyone to join in on the fun and take part of something that has changed the lives of others. 100 percent of your donations go to St. Jude.

Tri Delta challenges all 138 chapters to create their own peppers and post their videos to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook!


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