The Ginger Hicks Smith Museum & Archives
Archives, News | July 2, 2018

Just over a year ago, Tri Delta announced its plan to build a museum and archives at its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, thanks to the generous support of long-time, volunteer leader Ginger Hicks Smith, Emory. On July 2, Tri Delta officially dedicated the Ginger Hicks Smith Museum & Archives. Visitors to Executive Office can tour the museum, beginning July 4.

Guests will be welcomed to Executive Office with an interactive kiosk that allows them to view videos about Tri Delta and its members, as well as learn more about some of Tri Delta’s early artifacts.

Pics-for-AmandaThe heart of the museum features exhibits dedicated to Tri Delta’s founding and early history. A special display of our Founders includes a teapot belonging to Eleanor Dorcas Pond and Sarah Ida Shaw’s original Stars & Crescent badge. Here, guests can read about each of our Founders and view additional memorabilia, including a wedding dress belonging to an early Alpha Chapter member.

An interactive display also allows guests to scroll through each of Tri Delta’s chapters learning about each one. Another exhibit shows the history of Tri Delta’s badge and displays early Tri Delta badges and the Fraternity’s Heritage Jewelry.

Additional displays throughout the museum highlight past Conventions, the history of The Trident magazine, and Tri Delta’s commitment to philanthropy and passion for serving others. An exhibit on the lifetime membership experience includes a touch-screen display allowing members to search for their sisters.

Another interactive display shows photos and bios of each of Tri Delta’s Fraternity Presidents throughout our 130-year history, beginning with Sarah Ida Shaw.

A centerpiece of the museum is a replica of the mural painting, titled “Founders’ Day,” originally commissioned in 1998 for Tri Delta’s Executive Office in Arlington, Texas. The mural was created by award-winning artist and Tri Delta mother Parks Lowe and serves as a backdrop to display additional pieces of Tri Delta’s history.

With the new Ginger Hicks Smith Museum & Archives, Tri Delta has created a special home for all the wonderful pieces of the organization’s history.

On Monday, July 2, 100 guests attended the official dedication ceremony and were treated to a sneak peek at the museum.

At the dedication Ginger Hicks Smith spoke about how being part of building Tri Delta’s museum is the perfect connection between her membership in Tri Delta and her 38-year career as an archivist at Emory University.

“I hope that Tri Delta’s exceptionally interesting history informs and inspires all of us,” Ginger said. “I hope that preserving it and interpreting it and displaying it…will excite and energize us all to be part of a present and a future that are distinctive, that are dynamic, that are worthy of the best that is in us, not only now but always, both as individual members and as an assembly of women with shared values.”

View the video below for a full look at the evolution of the Ginger Hicks Smith Museum & Archives.


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