Tri Delta Closes Delta Omicron Chapter at Indiana University
News | March 4, 2017

Tri Delta Closes Indiana Chapter

March 4, 2017
Statement from Fraternity President Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan, Pepperdine

“As a premier women’s organization, Tri Delta is committed to helping women live, learn and lead. We hold our members to high standards in accordance with our Purpose.

“Following an investigation in which we confirmed that the members of our Delta Omicron Chapter at Indiana University have been involved in activities that do not represent our high standards or align with Tri Delta’s Purpose – activities that also violated the chapter’s previous probation terms – we have made the difficult decision to withdraw Delta Omicron’s charter, effective immediately.

“We are deeply disappointed in the choices made by members of our chapter at Indiana.  The decision to withdraw Delta Omicron’s charter was made by the Executive Board, in concert with chapter volunteers, and with heavy hearts for all involved.  We will work closely with our collegiate members, loyal alumnae and Indiana University through this challenging situation.”

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UPDATED – March 9, 2017

“We share the disappointment and sadness that was expressed by our Tri Delta sisters at Indiana University today.  We want our sisterhood to grow and thrive, and none of us wants to see a chapter close, ever.

“Tri Delta’s Executive Board struggled with this decision because we knew the significant impact it would have on current members and our loyal alumnae. However, we felt compelled to act to protect our Tri Delta values as the chapter repeatedly violated the terms of its numerous probations and continued to make decisions that were harmful to themselves and our sisterhood. The Executive Board’s decision to withdraw the charter is final.

“We understand that everyone would like to know the details around the chapter’s probation and the many violations and actions that caused us to make this very difficult decision.  However, we have obligations to protect the privacy and safety of our members and will continue – steadfastly – to do so.

“What we can share is the Delta Omicron chapter has been on probation for three consecutive semesters, and each time was asked to take responsibility for their actions. Each time, with extensive support from volunteers and staff, the chapter chose to ignore advice and recommendations, sending a strong message that they had no intention of making positive change.

“We are heartbroken that members of our cherished organization would treat Tri Delta with such disregard.  The members of Delta Omicron left us with no choice, but to withdraw their charter. It is our intention to re-establish our chapter at Indiana at a time that is mutually beneficial for the university and Tri Delta.”

Kimberlee Di Fede Sullivan
Tri Delta Fraternity President


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