Tri Delta for a Lifetime
News, Sisterhood | October 11, 2018

Membership in Tri Delta does not end when you graduate. As an alumnae member you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in philanthropic and community service projects, and assist Tri Delta’s chapters – all while receiving the benefits of lifelong growth and friendship.

The same friendship, growth and support that was with you during your collegiate experience remains a part of your life as you begin your career, start a family, face challenges and look for new ways to make a difference in the world. Tri Delta has more than 254 alumnae chapters worldwide. Our alumnae chapters offer women the opportunity to continue to build friendships, serve unselfishly and grow as women.

Sign up today for alumnae membership in Tri Delta and receive unique benefits such as access to fun and engaging events, regular updates on Tri Delta, service and philanthropy opportunities as well as an annual subscription to the Trident.

Learn more about how many of our alumnae are making a difference in their local communities and passionately serving others.


Dolphin Tank and Delta Demos

Tri Delta’s Collegiate Leadership Conference 2019 will feature the second annual Innovation Showcase! The event is designed to highlight the creative successes of our collegiate chapters.


Tri Delta Supports NPC Sisters in Standing Up to Harvard

Tri Delta stands in support of lawsuits filed to challenge Harvard’s single-sex organization policy