Trilogy: Changing Lives
Foundation, News | October 23, 2018

Launched in 2012, Trilogy was created by Tri Deltas for Tri Deltas as a Board-directed endowment to meet the most urgent needs of our members across the Foundation’s spectrum of giving. For our members, a grant from Trilogy is transformational and life-changing.

In 2017 the Tri Delta Foundation made its second life-changing grant to a courageous young breast cancer survivor and Tri Delta alumna, Martha Parker, Toronto, allowing her to take much-needed time off from work to focus on her health and healing. In 2018 Martha attended Tri Delta’s Convention where she shared an update on her life since receiving the Trilogy grant. Watch the video below to learn the exciting news about where Martha is today.

As our sisterhood continues to grow and the challenges women face today continue to mount, the need to help our sisters has never been greater. Over the next three years, our goal – announced this past summer at Convention – is to triple the impact of Trilogy, raising an additional $1 million by 2019. To date, the Tri Delta Foundation has more than $875,000 toward that goal. We all strive to Live Kind, Lead Kind, and supporting Trilogy is a beautiful way to be Our Kind of Kind.

To learn more about how you can support Trilogy, contact Director of Development Audrey Moore at, or go to




Tri Delta Joins Sacred Heart University

We are thrilled to announce that the Sacred Heart Panhellenic Council has invited Tri Delta to establish a new chapter in 2020-2021!