BodyImage3D | February 2, 2016

In 2008, Tri Delta launched the Reflections: Body Image Program as its signature programming initiative. Reflections, a peer led, research based program for collegiate chapters that focused on eating disorder education and prevention, was well received by chapters and members who participated. However, we also received great feedback on opportunities for program improvements. In 2012, Tri Delta created BodyImage3D®, an ongoing initiative that focused on a multi-dimensional approach to healthy body image in body, mind and spirit and the Reflections program was taken offline so that we could begin the process of revising the content. The revision goals included making the program easier for chapters to implement, allow the program to encompass a broader scope of body image issues that didn’t necessarily relate to weight or size and create a program that could be implemented in all of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapters.

In 2014, Tri Delta partnered with a highly regarded Clinical Psychologist, yoga instructor, author, and activist, Melody Moore, Ph.D. whose area of expertise included eating disorders, body image and curriculum development in women of all ages through her non-profit, Embody Love Movement. Through this collaborative partnership, Tri Delta has furthered our signature body image programming efforts.

Starting in this fall, the newly rewritten BodyImage3D Program will be ready for implementation in Tri Delta collegiate chapters. As part of a broader member development framework, the BodyImage3D Program will be implemented by a trained facilitator with sophomore members. This new three-hour program focuses on body image education and self-esteem development. Of participating in the new program, Body Image Ambassador Lori Lombardo, Lafayette, said chapters are going to be able to better understand the initiative, its goals and will feel more of a connection to not only the program but to their fellow chapter members. This program is successful in gently bringing you through topics that can be difficult for some by creating an understanding environment and safe space for sharing.”

All collegiate chapters will experience this program in the next academic year. Chapters will work with their collegiate volunteers and Executive Office staff to set up all logistics and confirm implementation dates.  In its first year of implementation, Tri Delta is carefully identifying alumnae who have experience in program facilitation, a passion for body image empowerment and a basic knowledge of working with our counseling college women.


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