2020-2021 Facilitator Opportunities | BodyImage3D & AAUW

Tri Delta is pleased to offer several facilitator opportunities for experienced, energetic and passionate individuals for our upcoming educational initiatives


Educational Initiatives Impact on Collegians

Programs like New Member Education, Not Anymore and BodyImage3D give members the opportunities to begin their lifetime learning in Tri Delta and collaborate through effective programs.


BodyImage3D Love Yourself Challenge

The "Love Yourself" Challenge will begin on Thursday, Feb. 22 and go through Wednesday, Feb. 28!


Steadfastly Loving Ourselves

A BodyImage3D facilitator's story.


Love Yourself with #NoFilter

How social media media is impacting your body image.


5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Life can be stressful...take steps to reduce the stresses in your life.

Facts about SPF


Beauty...What is it?

What exactly is beauty and how do you define it?

What to Expect at That Doctor

Regardless of age, an annual exam is the minimum to keep yourself at optimal health.

To Tan or Not To Tan

Soaking up the warm summer sun feels great, but read more to find out the effects it may have on your skin and overall health!

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