Life Loyal

Life Loyal Tri Deltas are members of all ages who continue to reap the advantages of Tri Delta membership long after their college years.


LifeLoyal_Logo_Color.gifSomething deep inside your heart caused you to embrace Tri Delta...Maybe it was a particular sister, or the activities and philanthropic causes of your chapter, or even Tri Delta's ideals and the visibly strong bonds of sisterhood and friendship that resonated with you and sparked your interest. Whatever it was, something spoke to you about the importance of having the Tri Delta family, sisterhood, and privilege in your life -- then, now and forever.

A Life Loyal Membership is perhaps the best way for members to take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Tri Delta.

Life Loyal Membership comes with no meetings to fit into your hectic schedule, but with the promise of a renewed sense of purpose. There is a "perpetual bond of friendship" that we, as Tri Deltas, talked about in our collegiate years. You are now called to that bond again, so that the strength of your example can serve as guide for your sisters and generations of future Tri Deltas.

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