An excellent resource for you to learn more about Tri Delta's non-discrimination, privacy, membership and licensing policies. content-dotted-line.png In addition to our Rituals, Purpose and Bylaws, Tri Delta operates according to Fraternity policies set forth by the Executive Board. (NOTE: This is not a complete listing of Fraternity policies.)

Non-Discrimination Policy

In the selection of members, Delta Delta Delta does not discriminate on any basis other than gender, and expressly will not discriminate on the basis of ethnic heritage, national origin, personal appearance, personal beliefs, race, religion, or sexual orientation. The policies, procedures, plans and programs of Delta Delta Delta, and of the various chapters and groups that promote the Purpose of Delta Delta Delta, will exemplify the value of inclusiveness, exhibit and appreciation of diversity and express respect for human dignity and the worth of the individual.

Licensing Policy

The ownership of all emblems shall be and remain the custody of the Corporation according to THE BYLAWS OF DELTA DELTA DELTA, Article V, Sec. 4-B, and; These emblems shall not be manufactured, created, used, or offered for sale by any person, company or firm except as specifically authorized in writing and administered through the Executive Office; Anyone wishing to acquire merchandise bearing any Insignia of the Fraternity shall obtain those items only from vendors which are currently authorized to produce or market official Delta Delta Delta merchandise. Any use of the Stars and Crescent replicas requires design and display approval by the Executive Board.

Advertising Policy

All Fraternity publications, electronic correspondence, social media and informational brochures — including, but not limited to, The Trident, Tri Delta website, Tri Delta Facebook page, Delta Love, Alumnae Connections, The Pine Tree, parent mailings, etc. — are for Fraternity news and information only. No outside vendor advertising is allowed. Only corporate partners (Herff Jones, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Delta Shop, Delta Delta Delta Foundation, The Center for Living, Learning & Leading, National House Corporation) are allowed advertising space in The Trident. Tri Delta promotes all licensed vendors through our Greek Licensing program.

For information about our Greek Licensing program, contact Affinity Consultants at: Affinity Consultants p: 760.734.6764 ext. 140 f: 413.513.2135 www.Affinity-Consultants.com Tri Delta does allow licensed vendors to submit materials for special events upon request. Affinity Consultants will notify vendors to submit materials when needed.

Tri Delta does not sell or provide member information to vendors. Tri Delta will not email or forward information to members or chapters on behalf of vendors. All public information can be found on our website: www.tridelta.org or chapter directory.

Tri Delta members and vendors are prohibited from using Fraternity resources, such as the Deltas Only directory and social media groups, for advertising or personal gain.

Mailing Policy

The Fraternity respects the privacy of its members. Mailing lists are shared only with vendors of Executive Board approved Fraternity programs. These vendors sign an agreement prohibiting the sale of the mailing list. Deltas Only Web Site User Agreement Access to the private side of the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity Web site is granted only to initiated members of Delta Delta Delta who are considered to be "in good standing" with the Fraternity. This right cannot be transferred or granted to any other person. You may not:
  • Permit other individuals to access the Delta Delta Delta Fraternity Web site through your logon and password.
  • Permit concurrent use of the Web site through your logon and password.
  • Slander Delta Delta Delta Fraternity or any of its members.

Delta Delta Delta Fraternity reserves the right to cancel your admission to the private side of our of Web site at any time. Conditions of Use Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) offers members and non-members a wide range of content and information via this Web site. By using this site, you are agreeing to accept and comply with the terms and conditions of use as stated here. Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.