Heritage Society Spotlight: Liz Gowans Ahrens
Foundation | April 23, 2018

Among the many ways to support Tri Delta is through planned giving. Some of our most dedicated members have made the steadfast commitment to remember the Foundation in their will or estate plan. These generous sisters are part of Tri Delta’s prestigious Heritage Society, sustaining our sisterhood for generations to come.

Elizabeth (Liz) Gowans Ahrens, Michigan State, is the Executive Director/President of the Crooked Tree Arts Center of Petoskey and Traverse City.

Liz holds a Master of Arts in organizational management from Spring Arbor University and a certificate in fundraising management from Indiana University School of Philanthropy. She earned her undergraduate degree in humanities from Michigan State University in 1984, where she began her lifetime membership in Tri Delta with Phi Gamma Chapter.

Passionate about serving her community, Liz has been involved in a number of local organizations, and in 2014, she received the Athena Award for her dedication to the community and her work in the non-profit sector.

Her dedication to giving back also extends to Tri Delta, where Liz became a member of the Heritage Society by making a planned gift to the Foundation. Here is what she shared about the importance of giving back to Tri Delta:

Why is giving to the Foundation important?

My life in philanthropy has come full circle. I’m remembering I joined the Heritage Society when it was initially founded, and the message provided by the alumnae was so genuine. Today I am the President/Executive of a non-profit arts organization, and the generosity I see on a daily basis is overwhelming. Providing support to the Foundation is important because the sustainability of Tri Delta is dependent on our members providing gifts today and tomorrow.

What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor?

The thought of having a lasting impact and rewarding Tri Delta for providing me with a wonderful community while in college and lifelong friends post-college was so clear when I pledged to become a Foundation donor.

What drew you specifically to planned giving and becoming a member of the Heritage Society?

I was very young when I became a member and although I had no means to provide an immediate gift, Tri Delta was so strong in their convictions that our gift would make a difference.

What legacy would you like to leave for future generations of Tri Deltas?

I’m not looking for a legacy, but I hope the message is about giving. Whether during our lifetime or in our bequests, the satisfaction of providing opportunities for young women is hard to beat!

Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving?

I encourage everyone to consider a gift to a non-profit in their estate planning. So often we think our family will know what we wanted after we are gone, but it’s not fair to burden them with gift decisions during such an emotional time such as the passing of a family member. By planning a gift, you not only help a worthy organization such as Tri Delta, but you provide a clear path for your family to help carry out your legacy. For many of us, Tri Delta so greatly enhanced our college experience and without the generosity of sisters before us we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join this amazing group of women.

For information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or via email at tbraeutigam@trideltaeo.org.

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