Volunteer Spotlight: Maya McDonald
News, Trident | August 6, 2019

Maya McDonald, Ottawa, completed her bachelor’s degree in political science in 2017 at the University of Ottawa. Today she works at Canada Post in commercial customer performance monitoring, but outside of work, she dedicates time to serving on boards for a local nonprofit, volunteering as an NPC Area Advisor, for her church and — of course — Tri Delta!

Fellow volunteer Noel van Aartrijk, Virginia Tech, said: “Maya is one of the Tri Delta volunteers and sisters who makes me feel at my best and is honestly such a joy to work with…Maya has big vision, passion and purpose in her work, and she ‘levels up’ everyone around her to do the same.”

  1. What made you want to volunteer with Tri Delta?

It was always my intention to volunteer for Tri Delta. I’d like to think of this experience as I would our slating process. Tri Delta chose 22-year-old me for a role that Impostor Syndrome would have me believe I couldn’t do. “The office seeks the member” still resonates with me today, as I enter my third term as Panhellenic specialist. Sometimes your sisters just know that you’ll do well before you give yourself the chance.

  1. What has been your favorite experience as a volunteer?

I’ve had the privilege of serving in various roles, so I have quite a few favorite experiences. The presentation of the refreshed non-discrimination policy at CLC 2018 is a highlight. Revising the policy was an emotionally challenging experience, which required care and compassion. Bearing witness to this subtle yet impactful change, alongside collegiate leaders, was monumental.

  1. What skills has your volunteer role helped you develop?

As a volunteer, my communication skills have improved the most. Countless emails, conference calls and presentations have made it possible for me to engage with anyone: students, professionals, executives… I’ve even facilitated programs on unfamiliar topics, with confidence. Five years ago, I’d have never thought about facilitating at Alpha Chi Omega’s Leadership Academy, or the NGLA Annual Conference. These opportunities may not have been so attainable for me now had I not become a Tri Delta volunteer.









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