Writing a Reference

"Sorority membership opens the doors of opportunity for kindling contacts and enriching fellowships." 

Sarah Ida Shaw Martin, Tri Delta's Founder


welcomehome2.jpgA reference is a letter of introduction provided to the collegiate chapter by a Tri Delta alumna. Writing a reference is a great way to show your support for Tri Delta and the fraternity and sorority movement. Reference practices vary greatly by chapter and specific questions can be addressed to the alumnae reference chairman in the university's area.

Please remember, membership selection is the privilege and responsibility of the collegiate chapter. A reference or letter of introduction does not guarantee an invitation to membership.

Reference forms are on the Deltas Only side of the website or in your Spring Trident. Additional recruitment resources are available for alumnae on the Deltas Only side under Membership Resources / Recruitment.

Note: You will have to log into Deltas Only to access the link below.

Download the Reference Form

Once you complete the form, you should mail it to the Alumnae Reference Chairman for the Alumnae Chapter of the potential new member's home town.  

If there is not a local Alumnae Chapter, send it to the Collegiate Reference Chairman for the school where she will go through recruitment.

Use the Chapter Directory to find the correct chapter reference contact.