Collegiate Leadership Conference 2020
News | March 3, 2020

Throughout the weekend of Feb. 21-23, nearly 800 of Tri Delta’s collegiate chapter leaders were challenged to reframe fear and demonstrate bravery. One of the highlights of this year’s conference was the inspiration session, “Fear Less, Do More,” featuring Michelle Poler. Michelle brought her authentic self to Collegiate Leadership Conference (CLC) and shared her powerful 100 days without fear experience. She challenged attendees to make decisions out of growth and to become their authentic selves by contrasting, rather than comparing, themselves to others. Michelle empowered attendees to lead by example, even when things are hard.

“Being brave is so much more powerful and inspiring than being fearless,” said Michelle. “For there to be courage, there has to be some sort of fear.” Her session concluded with the powerful question, “What’s your next growth move?”

Speaking of Brave Women…

Attendees honored our Founders and their bravery by participating in a Ritual Workshop on Friday evening. Despite the hardships our Founders had to overcome in the 1800s, these women sought each other’s support and took it one step further by founding Tri Delta. We hope you will continue to honor our fierce and bold Founders by participating in National Ritual Celebration Week (NRCW) March 2-6.

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from their own sisters during the collegiate leader panel, focused on leading change. One big change our attendees learned about throughout the weekend is the new collegiate officer structure. Each of our collegiate chapter officers will play a role in this transition and help create successful change for Tri Delta.

“The world around us is changing. To stay static and to not change isn’t beneficial to anyone…We have to keep moving forward, and we have to keep changing and growing. Change is growth. If you’re not changing, you’re not growing. You’re just going to stay the same and you’re not going to better yourself as a person, as a chapter and as an organization,” said Shelbi Davenport, Colorado.

Tri Delta will be welcoming our alumna advisors (AAs) and collegiate district officers (CDOs) to Dallas in March for a comprehensive training on the new officer structure. Questions about the new officer structure can be directed to

Making a Splash

On Sunday morning, four chapters made a splash in the Dolphin Tank with their exciting, creative and impactful ideas. Thank you to our chapters at Franklin College, University of South Carolina, Quinnipiac University and the University of Richmond for being brave and pitching their ideas to Tri Delta’s Executive Board. Congratulations to our Dolphin Tank winner, the University of South Carolina, who created a way to extend the use of the BodyImage3D Program from their chapter into their community, directed at mentoring middle school girls!

Finally, after an inspiring closing session from Dr. Mari Ann Callais, Tri Delta’s senior director of strategic initiatives, attendees left CLC feeling energized and empowered to elevate their officer positions and create change within their chapters.

Suzi Airheart, Florida State, shared, “CLC was a wonderful way to connect with other women navigating the same challenges and triumphs as me. It was refreshing and purposeful. The conference truly reminded me that I, and we, are part of something bigger than ourselves or our individual chapters.



Krystal Clark Named Chair of NPC Access and Equity Effort

Krystal Clark, Maryland, has been named chair of the National Panhellenic Conference’s (NPC) new Access and Equity Advisory Committee.


Virtual Philanthropy

Tri Delta chapters are finding creative ways to fundraise virtually.