2018 Volunteer Engagement Survey Results
Leadership, News | November 12, 2018

As an organization of 233,000 brave, bold and kind women guided by our Purpose, Tri Delta has the tremendous capacity to positively influence thousands of communities across the globe and change the way the world understands the power of sorority.

To do so effectively, we must trust in and rely upon our over 3,000 volunteers worldwide who work tirelessly to support our 395 collegiate and alumnae chapters and total membership.
To provide a premiere volunteer experience and a stable, renewable, well-trained and satisfied volunteer team, there is need for an Enterprise-wide continuous improvement plan for volunteer engagement.

In 2014, Tri Delta launched our first Volunteer Engagement Survey. Results were collected as a baseline measurement for volunteer engagement and several areas of improvement became the focus of our staff and volunteer leadership over the past four years.

In spring 2018, the Volunteer Engagement Survey was relaunched. Quantitative and qualitative responses were collected from a diverse pool of our current volunteers to measure the growth of the volunteer experience since 2014. The results are astounding.


Based on 2018 Volunteer Engagement Survey data, we were amazed to see that, on average, our volunteers:

  • Are full- or part-time employed
  • Are caretakers to family, loved ones
  • Are Life Loyal, Foundation and St. Jude donors
  • Remain involved in their local alumnae chapters
  • Spend 5 hours per week volunteering for Tri Delta
  • Give 1-5 hours per week to other local organizations

The Independent Sector released in April 2018 that the value of one volunteer hour is $24.69. That means that in one week, our 3,000 volunteers provide over $370,000 worth of their time and talent to assist our members in every possible way. That’s over $19 million per year.


Since 2014, we have seen tremendous growth in areas of communication/engagement, resources and training, and expectations and appreciation.

Moving through 2018 and beyond, we will harness the growth we’ve seen over the past four years and continue to build upon our efforts to create a more premier volunteer experience.

We’ll do so by focusing on additional trainings, enhanced role expectations, communication and transparency, volunteer feedback and EO staff education. We look forward to launching new programs that will best serve our volunteers and members. Stay tuned!


Tri Delta’s strength, growth and vitality in today’s world is truly led and supported by our volunteers.

If you’re a current or past volunteer, thank you for the time and talent you’ve unselfishly offered to our sisterhood. If you’re a current member who has ever been influenced by a volunteer, please share your appreciation.


Bring You to Tri Delta’s volunteer team! Update your volunteer profile on My Tri Delta today or email your questions to volunteer@trideltaeo.org.


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