Creating a Legacy in Tri Delta
Foundation | March 30, 2017

Among the many ways to support Tri Delta is through planned giving. Some of our most dedicated members have made the steadfast commitment to remember the Tri Delta Foundation in their will or estate plan, and those who designate the Foundation in this way are recognized as members of our prestigious Heritage Society.

When Dr. Mary Ann Heyser Wright, William & Mary, retired from a career in education, she decided to focus on volunteer board work for a variety of nonprofits. Formerly the Director of Principals Assessment and Development Center and associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, she now volunteers and serves in leadership positions for the YMCA, Virginia Commonwealth University SOE Advancement Council and Legal Information Network for Cancer.

Mary Ann is also a Tri Delta Foundation Trustee and Heritage Society member who has made the decision to donate to the Foundation through planned giving.

Here’s what she shared about the importance of giving back to the Foundation and leaving a legacy for future generations of Tri Deltas:

Why is giving to the Foundation important?

Our personal philanthropy assists our sisters to Live, Learn and Lead, key principles of the Tri Delta Purpose. I am thrilled to be able to encourage all of us to learn more, lead more and make a lasting impact on others.

What encouraged you to become a Foundation donor?

I have watched the Foundation grow and make a lasting impact on our sisters who then make an impact on the communities in which they live. I serve on both the Crescent and Collegiate Crescent Fund committees and read about the dreams and needs of our sisters. There is truly a need to grow our endowment. In addition, I wanted my own daughters to see the impact you can make on others. The Foundation is a beautiful way to demonstrate this!

What drew you specifically to planned giving?

As I prepared my will, I considered various organizations I am passionate about and Tri Delta is on the top of the list.

What legacy would you like to leave for future generations of Tri Deltas?

Tri Delta has provided me lifelong friends as well as lifelong skills and my hope is that with funds I can leave the Foundation, other women will benefit from their lifelong membership in DDD as well!

Why would you encourage other Tri Deltas to consider planned giving?

Because it’s so easy and you can know you have made a difference in another sister’s life.

For more information on giving to Tri Delta through your will or estate plan, please contact Tawnya Braeutigam at 817.471.1908 or via email at

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