LEADDD 2018: Laura Stenovec
Leadership, Sisterhood | June 1, 2018

This summer, preceding Convention 2018, Tri Delta will host its inaugural leadership development conference, LEADDD 2018. The two-day event, July 1-2, open to all members, will feature keynote speakers and workshops designed to empower women to lead and serve in their careers, communities and families.

As an organization founded by women for women, LEADDD is another example of how Tri Delta is boldly leading the way in developing and empowering women. LEADDD features inspiring presentations from influential women, including Laura Stenovec, Denver.

An accomplished leadership coach and mentor, Laura is passionate about team development, philanthropy and healthy living. As a Managing Director for Beautycounter, a skin care and cosmetics brand, Laura leads one of the largest Beautycounter teams in the country, with more than 8,000 men and women from all 50 states and Canada. In addition, she provides one-on-one and group leadership training and speaks both nationally and locally on leadership, networking, professional development, entrepreneurship and more. Laura will share her insights on women and networking in a dynamic workshop at LEADDD, titled “Collecting Relationships.”

What do you hope women will take away from your presentation at LEADDD?

I truly believe that building a strong and meaningful network is the key to success of any kind – whether you are looking for a new job, seeking friends in a new city or even trying to find a new favorite restaurant. I’m hoping that I can empower women to seek out genuine connections and to have honest and open conversations with old friends and new acquaintances. Specifically, I want them to know what a gift our Tri Delta network is and how they can leverage it in open and authentic ways. Our group is extremely powerful, and I want attendees to realize that there are so many ways for them to tap into that, learning from others and acting as a mentor themselves.

How has Tri Delta empowered you?

Tri Delta gave me the confidence to use my voice. In high school, I attended an all-girls Catholic boarding school and every morning we had an assembly where they would ask if anyone would like to make an announcement. I was always afraid to participate because I hated the sound of my voice in a microphone. Tri Delta taught me how to be a successful public speaker, from feeling comfortable in front of a crowd to choosing the right words for maximum impact. I remember my first professional keynote…seconds before I went on stage my boss whispered in my ear, “Your Tri Delta experience prepared you for this moment.?You’ve got this.”?She was right. And, honestly, now you have to pull the microphone away from me!

Why is networking important and what role has it played for you in your personal and professional development?

Networking is everything! After college, I reached out to our alumnae chapter for career advice, and a Tri Delta gave me my first job lead.?If I hadn’t taken that step, I’m not sure my career would be where it is today.

I think about my sorority sister who is extremely qualified and who went through the job search process. She probably applied for over 100 positions, and the only places she heard back from were companies where she had a personal connection. And I hear that type of story all the time. Most of the people I know who are advancing their careers and getting new jobs are doing this through existing relationships. People want to hire someone they know or an individual who shares a common connection. That’s the reality.

But I want to reiterate that networking isn’t just important for job searches. There may be a doctor that you’re trying see, and a personal connection can help get you an appointment. You need to know how to ask people for help and to have confidence in yourself to ask. And, in my experience, people love the opportunity to help someone who they like and admire. Remember, the world is getting bigger, and personal connections are meaning more than ever before. You never know who is going to know someone who can get you a foot in the door for a job, a volunteer role or even that doctor you want to see.

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