Photography Guidelines

We love getting your submissions, but sometimes we can't use them. Following these "do's and don'ts" will help you get your photos printed in the magazine!


Learn about megapixels. Use a high-quality megapixel camera of 2.5 megapixel or higher.

Use the high-resolution setting on your camera. Usually it's described as "TV" or "full screen." This will give you a high-resolution image. The requirements for a Trident submission must be an image that is a minimum of 18" x 26" at 72ppi (pixels per inch). Ex: (18 x 72ppi) x (26 x 72ppi) =  2,426,112 or 2.5 MB (megabytes). You can usually tell the image size when you email it. If the size is in KB (kilabytes), it's usually too small. Ex: 10" x 14" at 72ppi is 726KB. It is low-resolution and can't be used.

Best photo format to send is a jpeg. Please send a color image.

Turn off the automatic date on your camera.

Provide a photo caption. Describe what is happening in the photo­ — the more details, the better! If there are six or less people in your photo, send us their names (including maiden name) and schools.  

Find an interesting pose. Too often, the group photos we receive have everyone lined up like a grade-school class. Have people sitting and standing. Be creative by finding an interesting background or taking the photo from above. Take action shots while everyone is doing something. Usually these are more interesting than posed group shots.

Take multiple shots, not just one or two. Too many times someone has their eyes closed or it's out of focus. Watch for red-eyes. Sometimes we can edit that out, and sometimes we can't.

If taking your photo with "delta fingers," take another photo without them and submit both to us.

Make sure your photo is clear, not too dark or blurry. When taking the photo, pay attention to the foreground and background. Look for bright lights, exit signs or fire alarms on walls that are distracting. If taking a photo in a dining room, remove drinking glasses and food so they won't clutter up the photo.


Do not send photos downloaded directly from Facebook or Twitter or embedded in MS Word (the files will be too small).

Please do not edit your photo in any graphic program.

Do not send photos containing alcohol or drinks that look like they contain alcohol. And do not send bridal or baby portraits.

Do not have too many people in your photo. By the time the photo is reduced to fit in The Trident, the faces are too small and can't be seen.

Try not to mail original photos (hard copies.) If this is your only way of sending an image, that is fine but generally the photo does not have enough detail to reprint successfully in the magazine.


Email or upload your photo to us. To email, send it to To upload, use our online form at

If photo size is too big for email, try using If you need further assistance, call Executive Office at 817-633-8001 and ask for someone in Communications.

Feel free to submit copy-only stories.