Tour Executive Office

Tri Delta's Executive Office is located in Arlington, Texas. Two buildings provide work space for more than 40 employees of the Fraternity and the Delta Delta Delta Foundation.


Tri Delta's Executive Office has come a long way from its first office in Amy Olgen Parmelee's home from 1912-1916 at 1609 Sherwin Avenue in Chicago. Many changes have been made over the years to accommodate the needs of our membership. The current building opened in 1998 and sits adjacent to the former Executive Office building, which now houses NHC & The Center.

The current Executive Office building provides work space for staff and storage for supplies and merchandise. By housing state-of-the-art departments and facilities, Executive Office serves as both a testimonial to Tri Delta's proud past and a symbol of her promising future.

Members are welcome to tour the building during our regular office hours. To arrange a tour, please call Executive Office at 817-633-8001 or email

If you can't make it to Arlington, see the slideshow above for a virtual tour.