It started with a promise…

A promise to be true. A promise that Tri Delta would provide you with opportunities for friendship, growth and development. As alumnae, you strengthen Tri Delta and serve as mentors and role models leading by example so that all our sisters may experience bonds of lifetime friendship.

It is now time to honor that commitment to help sustain the organization.

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Investing in our future

Tri Deltas give back through gifts of time, talent and treasure. Each of these provide exponential benefits to the Fraternity.

When you support Tri Delta with $33 dues you are supporting operations such as:
  • Development and updates of Fraternity programs
  • Extension and recruitment efforts to bring Tri Delta to new campuses, establish new alumnae chapters and grow our sisterhood
  • Care and preservation of Tri Delta history and the Ginger Hicks Smith Museum & Archives
  • Executive Board, volunteer and Executive Office staff support for collegiate and alumnae members
  • Publication of The Trident

Dues-Paying Alumnae Members

As an alumna, you have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, participate in philanthropic and community service projects, and assist our chapters – all while receiving the benefits of lifelong growth and friendship.

By paying these annual dues, you are supporting Tri Delta’s collegiate and alumnae chapters as they continue to offer a dynamic membership experience to our women.

Dues-Paying Alumnae Members have access to:
  • Tri Delta’s networking app CONNECTDDD to form personal and professional connections with your sisters
  • Engaging interviews with Tri Delta’s members in the Let’s Talk Tri Delta podcast
  • Annual subscription to The Trident online
  • Fun and engaging virtual events with Tri Deltas across the globe
  • Regular updates and communications from Tri Delta Executive Office

Membership in Tri Delta is for a lifetime

Membership is for a lifetime. The experiences, skills, friendships and support system remain a part of your life as you begin a career, start a family, face challenges and look for new ways to make a difference in the world. By supporting Tri Delta monetarily, we show support and love for our sisters — those we have met, those we have not met and those who are yet to come.

Annual Alumnae Dues are $33.
If you are Life Loyal, thank you for your support. Your annual dues are already paid.
If you are a member of a local alumnae chapter, thank you for supporting your local chapter. Your annual dues are already paid through that membership.
If your annual dues are already paid, we always welcome a donation to the Tri Delta Foundation.
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