New Members

The new member period is an exciting time in the life of a collegiate woman. content-dotted-line.png

towson2.jpgThroughout new member education, members begin to establish the perpetual bonds of friendship that our Purpose intends and are provided unique and creative educational programming. 

The pearl is a symbol of special significance to new members of Tri Delta, for it grows from a grain of sand to an object of beauty.  As new members grow and develop, we hope that they will look upon this period in their membership fondly.

It is the intention of Tri Delta that all new and active members have a sorority experience that is safe, fun and healthy. View the pages below and related content to learn more about ways we hope to ensure such an experience.

Also, visit the related links for fun activities you can do to become involved as a new member today.

And most importantly - login to Deltas Only to access special information just for you!

Content of interest to new members:

Why Tri Delta

History of Tri Delta

Symbols, Emblems and Insignia


National Panhellenic Conference