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Where respect for tradition and a passion for progress meet.


crest_ds.pngSince its founding in 1888, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity has remained a values-based organization that is an innovator and leader in our communities, both on campus and the world beyond. We are so pleased to welcome your daughter into this proud tradition.

As a member, your daughter is required to meet certain obligations of membership; many are determined by the individual chapter, as we believe it is the chapter's right and responsibility to determine the best path for its members, provided that path is in line with Tri Delta's core values. Each year, members of collegiate chapters review Tri Delta Fraternity Policies and Procedures and every Tri Delta signs the Obligations of Membership and Statement of Financial Responsibility. You should receive a copy of these documents from your daughter's chapter. Please review them carefully, so you will be familiar with the standards and policies of the Fraternity.

As your daughter faces the challenges of collegiate life, professional development and personal growth, Delta Delta Delta promises to assist her in every possible way. If you have any questions about the services provided by the Fraternity please feel free to call our Executive Office at (817) 633-8001.