Parent Information

As your daughter faces the challenges of collegiate life, professional development and personal growth, Delta Delta Delta promises to assist her in every possible way.


crest_ds.png Timeless Values
Since its founding in 1888, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity has remained a values-based organization that is an innovator and leader in our communities, both on campus and the world beyond Tri Delta has a rich history of educating and empowering women with a focus on individual growth and development — moral and intellectual — and a commitment to assisting our members in "every possible way." We are so pleased to welcome your daughter into this proud tradition.

Member Development
All Tri Delta members participate in our Power of Purpose: New Member Education Program which was created to reflect the needs of the current students in Tri Delta. With a deeper understanding of our values and Purpose as an organization through this process, new members truly experience the foundation upon which our organization thrives.

High academic standards are an integral part of Tri Delta membership. Your daughter must be enrolled for university credit and maintain a certain grade point average to be an active chapter member. Each chapter has an academic development chairman who implements a scholarship program and works with individual members to ensure academic achievement.

Obligations of Membership
As a member, your daughter is required to meet certain obligations of membership; many are determined by the individual chapter, as we believe it is the chapter's right and responsibility to determine the best path for its members, provided that path is in line with Tri Delta's core values.

College and Beyond
From our educational initiatives to our extensive leadership development resources and our signature Reflections® and BodyImage3D® initiatives, it is our goal to deliver a rich and meaningful experience for your daughter and to prepare her for the challenges a college students, a young professional and beyond.

Leadership training is intrinsic to the Tri Delta experience. Whether serving as an officer, participating in her chapter's educational programming or attending leadership training programs at Convention and Collegiate Leadership Conference, your daughter will be offered the support and opportunity to grow as a leader.

In addition to Executive Office staff, Tri Delta's collegiate chapters are supported by our incredible volunteers who serve as mentors, friends and models of lifetime membership in Tri Delta. Many alumnae chapters also maintain close relationships with their local collegiate chapters, and collegiate/alumnae relations remain an integral part of member development.

Lifetime Engagement
The values instilled in and cultivated with our collegians continue to be important long after college graduation. With 259 alumnae chapters around the world, Tri Delta remains an enduring part of our members' lives. Membership in an alumna chapter affords the member a network of friends of all ages who can support them through life's major transitions.