Engaging Members for Life

More ways to stay involved with the Fraternity.


As the Fraternity has grown, the true alumnae experience has expanded dramatically.

Certainly alumnae chapters are one important way of remaining engaged with the Fraternity, and the chapters can, and do, provide invaluable support to collegiate chapters. Today, alumnae chapters make up but one portion of the total alumnae experience, and members may be connected through a variety of means.

A member may stay connected through a subscription to The Trident.1097.JPG, becoming a friend of Tri Delta on Facebook, following Tri Delta on Twitter and Pinterest and connecting with Tri Delta on LinkedIn. A member may be Life Loyal, donate to one of Tri Delta's two foundations or work as a Fraternity volunteer.

Many Tri Delta sisters stay in touch with Tri Delta through regular e-mails to a pledge sister or regular reunions with her new member class.

Regardless of the connection, Tri Delta alumnae remain fantastic stewards of what Tri Delta stands for: lifelong sisterhood.