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Sisterhood | March 15, 2020

It’s that time of year again…Tri Delta chapters are preparing to welcome new members! Your recommendations for potential new members (PNMs) are an important piece of our membership selection process. We understand that members have many questions when it comes to recommendations and references, so we’ve put together the following frequently asked questions to help!

A reference is an organized way of providing a collegiate chapter with information about a potential new member (PNM) who will be participating in recruitment — it serves as a tool to gather information about PNMs who might be great additions to a chapter and to Tri Delta.

References allow a PNM the chance to stand out during a time when a chapter must be intentional during their membership selection process. The act of providing a reference does not guarantee the PNM will be given a bid to Tri Delta, but it does provide additional information to be studied prior to recruitment. This additional study is the “careful consideration” mentioned in the membership policies as the chapter’s consideration to these referenced individuals.

The Bylaws of Delta Delta Delta state that references are not a requirement for membership. However, some chapters rely heavily on references to learn about PNMs before recruitment.


  • Any alumna member in good standing of the Fraternity
  • Any initiated collegiate member in good standing of her collegiate chapter and the Fraternity

Tri Delta offers an online reference form, in addition to our printable PDF reference form. Our goal is to make this process easy for our members filling out the form AND for our members who receive the information. Both of these forms can be accessed by logging in to My Tri Delta on (this verifies you are a member in good standing). Once you have a successfully logged in, you can find the online reference form when you can type in “reference form” using the search feature, or the printable PDF reference form in the Resource Library under the Recruitment tab.
When to use the online reference form:

  • If a PNM emails you her resume and/or photo. The online reference form allows you to upload the resume and photo automatically.
  • If the deadline is quickly approaching. The online form is sent directly to the collegiate reference chair electronically. You will also receive a confirmation email when it’s submitted.

When to use the PDF reference form:

  • When a PNM provides you a physical packet with a printed resume and/or photo.

There are two places a Tri Delta may mail a reference on behalf of a PNM:

  • Directly to the chapter address in attention to the collegiate chapter reference chair
  • To the alumnae chapter in the area so that they may send it to the collegiate chapter

Reference addresses can be found in the Resource Library under the Recruitment tab.


  • Since there is no checklist for what is required on a reference form, you can submit a basic letter recommending a PNM, use the Tri Delta reference form, provide a chapter a PNM’s information, use the online reference form, verbally provide a reference…basically whatever suits you best!
  • There are no National Panhellenic Conference regulations for references; it is up to each organization to set their own requirements.
  • Deadlines for submission vary between our chapters. Reach out to the collegiate reference chapter chair, or ask the potential new member.
  • Each chapter uses references differently. If the chapter wants more information, they may contact the person who submitted the reference. Alumnae are asked to refrain from contacting the chapter regarding the status of any PNM.
  • We also take into consideration whether a PNM is a legacy – a potential member whose mother, sister, step-mother or step-sister is a member of Tri Delta. We value our members and love meeting legacies. Tri Delta-initiated family members should complete a reference form; however, being a legacy does not guarantee membership.
  • Membership selection is ultimately the privilege and responsibility of each collegiate chapter. A reference form, a letter of recommendation or potential new member’s legacy status does not guarantee an invitation into membership.

Overall, membership in Tri Delta is mutual. Our membership selection process helps us get to know PNMs we think might be a good fit, while PNMs get to learn more about us and decide if we are the organization for them. It is important for both sides to feel like we are a good match!


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